Programme and Portfolio Managementj0399177

Inception, establishment and delivery of major compliance/regulatory Programme for one of the US top 10 Banks.  Delivery of a 31 project change portfolio and establishment of a multi disciplined team performing business analysis, IT delivery, portfolio support, and process/framework design.


Scale                           Pan IT initiative

Budget                         £5.5M

Team                           120 Associates, 115 additional contractors including 12 project managers

3rd Parties                    Wipro, KPIT, IBM, Spring, Sandersons, Real Resourcing, G2, Partners in IT


Programme Management

Inception and management of a major IT asset management review for a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to ensure asset awareness and legal compliance.


Scale                           41,000 desktops and laptops, with 2,500 applications assessed

Budget                         £10M

Team                           30

3rd Parties                    EDS, Getronics, Servo


Programme ManagementBlackBerry

Inception of mobile services initiatives for a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to define services to meet requirements of diverse workforce and to establish partners to deliver these services. This included the service delivery of a managed Pocket Email capability based on the BlackBerry device.



Scale                           10,000 laptops and remote desktops, as well as 1,000 BlackBerry devices

Budget                         £5M

Team                           40

3rd Parties                    BT, EDS, Energis, Getronics, Microsoft, Vodafone, Accenture


Programme Management and Technical Services

Delivery of technology infrastructure refresh for the sales force of a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to deliver high quality customised units on time to ensure business change activity and deployment roadshows remained on track.


Scale                           1,300 laptops custom built and delivered at 35 units per day

Budget                         £0.5M

Team                           20 (3 via MDG CSL)

3rd Parties                    EDS, SCC


Programme Managementj0401804a

Inception and management of a business process outsourcing initiative, for a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to establish infrastructure, processes and implementation approach to allow for overseas management of Back Office procedures. This included the establishment of a high volume, high availability Citrix Server Based Computing Solution with resilient managed connectivity, as well as supporting document management capability.


Scale                           1,100 offshore seats using 20+ Bank systems with 1M images per month

Budget                         £4M

Team                           15

3rd Parties                    BT, Centrix, IBM, Impact Plus


Programme Management

Inception and management of a Financial Assets/Funds Management solution, for a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to deliver the solution to the offshore user community with supporting processes and procedures to ensure full and effective use of the solution.


Scale                           20+ portfolio managers overseeing top 10% of Bank customers assets

Budget                         £2M

Team                           15

3rd Parties                    Odyssey


Business Consultancy and Supporting Resources

Management of business compliance activity to ensure adherence to Group Operational Risk standards, for a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to ensure that this Bank cluster had a clearly define business continuity strategy, fit-for-purpose disaster recovery plans and options to ensure ongoing customer service in any eventuality.


Scale                           800 users across the UK

Budget                         £2M

Team                           4 (All via MDG CSL)

3rd Parties                    Getronics


IT Delivery Managementj0405136a

Inception and management of a series of e-Commerce solutions, for a leading UK Bank. Key objective were to enhance m-Commerce expertise to support future customer and staff propositions, establish Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) based Prototype solutions as part of a multi-channel m-Commerce strategy, and delivery of a bespoke online banking financial portal enhancement to support high value customers


Scale                           Online banking supporting 20,000 key clients, 2 PDA prototypesj0424389a

Budget                         £3M

Team                           25

3rd Parties                    Accenture, DAT, Microsoft, Oracle, Palm, Psion


IT Change Management

Inception of initiative to consolidate a variety of Funds Management solutions and infrastructure, for a leading UK Bank.  Key objective was to review existing practices, enforce rigour and governance, and establish viable plans to implement the solution.


Scale                           5 systems to consolidate into 1

Budget                         Overall £15M

Team                           3

3rd Parties                    WMS


Programme Management and Technical Services

Inception and delivery of a development solution for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, for a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to establish a team, environment and governance approach to develop, test and implement this business tool.


Scale                           1,300 laptops custom built and delivered at 35 units per day

Budget                         £2M

Team                           15 (2 via MDG CSL)

3rd Parties                    IBM, Relavis


Programme/Portfolio Management &Technical Services

The day-to-day management of the change portfolio throughout the Information Services Desktop division for a leading UK Bank. Key objective was to establish governance and controls around the change programme, and to develop staff in terms of IT experience and project methodology.  Responsible for a series of major infrastructure and service deliverables as follows:-


·         Deployment of 2000+ laptops to location independent workers with budget in excess of £3M

·         Infrastructure upgrades from NT 3.51 to NT 4 across 2000 desktops and 30 servers including business change components with budget in excess of £1M

·         New sites in London with 4 servers and 200 users, utilising both standard PC and Thin Client based technology with budget in excess of £0.5M

·         Consolidation of locations, technologies and systems to make best use of central Infrastructure

·         Year 2000 assurance


Scale                           2000 desktops, 30 servers and 22 locations

Budget                         £15M

Team                           20 (Up to max of 10 via MDG CSL)

3rd Parties                    Cap Gemini, Pontis, SCC



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